"Far  Away"

General talks is where we started with
A kiss a hug, we became closer bit by bit
Feeling so comfortable you holding me tight
I tried desperate to control my feelings deep inside

Telling myself it was only a game played by you and me
I lied to myself, it is so much more then I wanted to see
Only hoping you are not playing just a funny game
I hope your feelings for me are the same

Because loved by you makes my day so bright
makes me feel so wonderful and warm inside
I never knew that this feeling could be so strong
sometimes it hurts inside, then the night is so long

Wishing you were here to hold me close for real
your tenderness, warmth and love I want to feel
a huge desire I am having every night and day
Asking myself: Why are you so far from me away?
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                          ~~~ The Snuggle Corner 1999 ~~~                             

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