"For my Love"

It feels so natural, though we only just met
Enjoying the precious moments we already had
The tender feelings, a shiver deep inside
The need to be hold, I no longer had to hide

Yet "I love you" is too soon for me to say
Because real love has to grow day by day
Though my feelings for you are honest and true
And my heart is already captured by you

The talks or just the silence, or whatever we do
Makes me feel comfortable being with you
I still do have some fears, I can not deny
Though they will pass as time goes by

At times I may run too fast, I know I do
Then I just need to be slowed down by you
So tell me straight or just let me clearly see
When I cause anything that might push you away from me
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                          ~~~ The Snuggle Corner 1999 ~~~                             

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