Love is a short word,
but contains everything

Love is rather with him
then without him being unhappy

Love is to give your partner the freedom
to be oneself

Maybe this is true matrimonial love:
almost never be together
but desire to be that continuously

Love is a fanclub
with only two members

I would love you just a little bit,
when I was able to tell you how much

Love is a part of a man's life;
for the woman it is her whole life

If love is the answer,
would you then again repeat the question?

Love is being blind and see everything

Love is like your shadow:
follow it and it escapes from you;
escape from it and it follows you

Love means, that you never have to say:
I am sorry.

Love is the desire to give more
then to receive

The first duty of love is listening

Love which comes late,
brings often great happiness

Love is where everything can be said
or nothing has to be told

True love is to compare with an apparition
everyone talks about it, but only a few have seen it

True loving is not loving because,
but in spite of

You would love me so much,
if you love me like I love you

Love is the only thing that becomes more
when we share it with others

Love is a gun where you are playing with,
without thinking of that it is loaded

Love is the only fairy-tale that ends with
once there was

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