"I Made It Through The Night..."

I woke up this morning
The sun was shining bright
I smiled, because yet again
I made it through the night

A new day is upon us
I'll make it through
Just waiting for the time
I can, once again, hold you
I see your brown eyes
Smiling at me
I just love you so much
That can't you see?

I sit down next to you
Feeling such a rush
I tell my heart "Stop beating so fast,
Hush my heart, hush!"

I look at you just sitting there
A smile on your gorgeous face
I want to just grab and hold you
Take you to a far away place

Another morning here
My heart has taken flight
Once again, I made it though
Yet another night
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                          ~~~ The Snuggle Corner 1999 ~~~                             

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