"Nothing Left"

You don't talk to me anymore
Nothing is like as it was before
Is it gone ? all the love and caring
All the thoughts and feelings we were sharing
So full of your love once was this heart
Now it feels an emptiness, torn apart
All that is left are my tears and my pain
Along with the realization, that maybe it will never be the same
Words don't come easily between us anymore
We were used to have so much we wanted to say before
Seems like there is now nothing left for us to say
Even our special friendship is slowly fading away
Has the time come for us to say our good-byes?
We have to save what is left, before it all completely dies
Will we ever get back to where we were before?
I know you don't feel the same way about me anymore
Or are our hearts still joined in love, so we can let it grow?
or is there nothing left, and is it time to let it go
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