written by Judy (one of my best friends)

I sit here in my dreamworld thinking of you
and slowly feel the warmth and love come pouring through
in all my years of living life and going through the trials
never did I think I'd find love across the miles
Love was not what I was looking for
yet you showed up at my door
My life now has new meaning
and my days are filled with dreaming
Nights I have to say the same
and you my love are to blame!


written by Hammad

The path to your wonderland
may be curvy and long
Hindered with bushes
and winds that are strong

Your steps need firmness
your thoughts need strength
And only you can keep on going
despite a never ending length

My prayers are for you
that he travels with you along
And even if he stops at a point
You can make him to move on

And this long and windy path
will lead you to your home
Then only he will be there for you
to keep you cozy and warm

Beware the Cyberman

He'll watch you in the chat rooms
To win you is his goal
He'll woo you and pursue you
He'll charm your very soul

So when you get an e-mail
And it seems to fill your needs
You go ahead and answer
Not thinking where it leads

He plays you songs of romance
That get your juices flowing
He's sweet and kind and lovable
And suddenly you're glowing

When you're in his clutches
And he has you feeling willing
He'll break your heart and drop you
He knows he's made his killing

He'll change his name,
Start anew, and find another quarry
You'll be crying bitter tears
While he's not even sorry

He preys upon the lonely
He knows just how to please
He'll send you virtual flowers
And he'll bring you to your knees

So ladies while you're surfing
Use caution, all you can
Have fun but heed the dangers
Beware the Cyberman


Written by Sam

I don't want to send
a bunch of roses
or a wonderful card
with made up words
I don't want to send
a diamond pendent
or a gordeous silky gown
I don't want to send
a luxury car
or offer a wonderful dinner

All I want to send you
is my true loving heart
and a single rose
that is so fragant
like my love!!


written by Sam

The breeze that embraces me is cool
And outside the night is dark!
I peep through the window in my heart
And in the distance
I hear the galloping of your horse!

Oh! The Beat of my heart!
Tell me what happened to me?
And how it happened??

Like the setting of the bright sun
Like the decending of the darkness over the evening
Smoothly it happened!!

Like a wild archid that unflods silently
In the wilderness of a dense forest
The love -bud has unfolded
its cute colourful petals in my heart!!

Like a silver stream that flows
the poetic stream(steam) of my lone-heart
has found a new way to flow through swiftly

Like a Rainbow that sprays it's wonder arc
across the blue sky on a rainy day
To join the earth
The Arc of your Love
has encircled me with its colourful bow

Like a wave that embrases the shore
desirously and untiringly
the thought waves of mine
crosses many oceans
to reach and kiss your feet
just once to feel it's tenderness!

Oh! Princess of my Colourful Dreams
You penetrated me before I could stop!
I inhale your fragrance deeply
to fill and refill my heart and soul!

I have started building a World of Mine
with Bricks of Love and the Glue of Hope
Where you are the Sun and You are the Moon
You are the stars that decorate my sky
You are my Day, You are my Night
And You are My World!



written by Dave W. McNeall

On this blade I walk,
knowing I shall balk.
Cold and bitter blade,
hope begins to fade.
Dreadful wounds so deep,
begging me to leap.
Fearing every breath,
cold and lifeless death.
Seeing rocks below,
jagged in the snow.
Gusts of wind belie,
safety in the sky.
Stinging in my eyes,
hiding sacred lies.
Feet are crimson red,
filled with icy lead.
Gazing up ahead,
endless blade of dread.


written by Matthew James Langan

Like a Beutifull Red rose in the dead of winter
You are one of a kind.
Like a Vast Meadow filled with colors
You are one of a kind

You are a Angel who has fallen to Earth
A Siren who has stolen my heart
A Vixen who has stolen my thoughts

My life was not complete
Till you blessed it with your presence
For the chance of love this life
has been given to me by you
For you are one of kind

Educated Love

written by Becky

Selectively absorbing information to add
to my already overflowing cup of knowledge.
Slowly scrutinising each point, erasing what is worthless
and discarding of it discretely; parcelling imperfection
and sending it to the dumpyard of life.
She spies a formidable, unforgettable creature,
and targets her prey.
Then captures him in her gaze that is the minefield.
She assesses his nature.
Discovers even the most minute details of his life;
Absorbs his presence; accepts his opposing characteristics;
discards of them in the midst of their passion;
Then awakes lying next to imperfection.
She says goodbye; sending him to the dumpyard of life!

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