My heart was already sealed for so many years
It protected me from getting hurt and flowing tears
No one could reach my real feelings inside
It was a part of me that I wanted to hide
You kept trying to open my heart for you
after some time I let you go through
You made me feel warm, so I opened the door
My heart felt warm, I never had felt this before
It burned inside, the flame of love was burning high
You had opened my heart complete, I couldn't deny
Though soon you left my heart alone, never told me why
Now I had opened my heart for you, you made me cry
No matter what I did or tried to do for or with you
it became more clear that I was loosing you too
I did not want to let you go, I loved you with my whole heart but I could not fight against it anymore, we drifted apart
Sometimes I think of the wonderful time we had together
and wished that time had last for ever
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                          ~~~ The Snuggle Corner 1999 ~~~                             

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