Therefor we have those arms and hands
to, when it is getting cold around the heart,
keep eachother warm, intense....


Move a little closer to eachother
give eachother a big kiss
when all at sudden from inside
your love gets plenty of flickering
and you don't find the right words
to explain everything
no problem, the body can once in a while
say the most beautiful senses


Time is something, time is nothing
it is a plane or a bike
Time is just like the weather
Who does not have time, does not live anymore


If you love something, you let it go
If it comes back to you, it is yours
If not, then it never was


A friend is someone
who knows everything from you
but still loves you


I was surprised, in love, delighted
I picked you as a flower
You will grow for ever, because
I have plant you in my soul


When I miss you, I try to feel you
When I feel you, I miss you even more

When I need you, I try to find you
When I find you, I need you even more

When you miss me, do you try to feel me?
When you feel me, do you miss me even more?

When you need me, do you try to find me?
When you find me, do you need me even more?

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