"Why ?"

I told you I was scared to get hurt again
You never would, you promised me then
We became closer and even more then that
I finally found the love I had missed so bad

I gave you my friendship and my love every day
In spite of we lived so far from eachother away
A year ago we planned a holiday so we finally met
We had a great time, something I will never forget

The desire to see you again became more by then
I invited you to come over and meet me here again
I wish I could you said, because you wanted this too
You just could not find the time to make this come true

It tried to find a way whatelse there was I could do
I told you I had made plans to come over to you
Though a cold shower is what you gave me then
You told me you never wanted to hear from me again

In spite of your promise you hurt me and broke my heart
I know now you have never been honest right from the start
It will take a long time will I ever trust a man again close by
Right now I only ask myself: Did I deserve this? WHY ?
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                          ~~~ The Snuggle Corner 1999 ~~~                             

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